Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Along the Coast of the Lake Michigan


Dina said...

The best part of Chicago is the Lake.
I lived right up there near the border with Evanston.

Does the water still freeze near the shore?

Meead Saberi said...

Dina, do you remember the name of the street you lived in? I am actually a few blocks south of the Calvary cemetery on the border with Evanston.

Yes, it does freeze actually and it's pretty cool to see pieces of ice floating on the lake.

Jo said...

wow that would be impressive to see.
Wonderful photo.

Dina said...

First we lived near Swift School near Thorndale, then next to my Senn High School. During college I had a little apt. on Winthrop near Granville.
Calvary Cemetery? I don't know it. Part of Loyola maybe?