Monday, May 16, 2011

Family - when will be together again?


Chrissy Brand said...

The asnwer is "soon", I hope, for your sakes ;-)

What a lovely blog. I have happy memories of time I spent in Chicago and will enjoy following the city again here


Dina said...

Nice to see your family pictures.
I know how hard it is to have family on different sides of the world.
Do you have an end date for your studies?
Hoping the reunion will be soon.

Petrea Burchard said...

I know you miss them. I hope you'll see them soon.

Green said...

Thank you all. :)
Sorry if I have not been very active and present for a while. I've been busy with school.

Dina, hopefully I will finish my PhD by 2014. Well, I hope they can come and visit before that.

As weather starts getting better in Chicago, I am becoming more enthusiastic to go out and take photos. So look forward for some nice photos in the next few months.

Petrea Burchard said...

M., when it gets a little chilly in Pasadena I don't like to go out and take photos. I could never do a daily photo blog in Chicago!

Ann said...

Soon, I hope. It must be hard being so far away.

Dina said...

A long Chicago winter can get depressing. Wishing you a bright spring.
2014 sounds a long way off, but it will come. Afterward you will miss your NU days.