Friday, September 17, 2010

Marina City Parking

Marina City is a mixed-use residential-commercial building complex occupying an entire city block on State Street in Chicago located on the north bank of the Chicago River. The complex consists of two corncob-shaped 65-story, 587 foot (179 m) tall residential towers, a saddle-shaped auditorium building, and a mid-rise hotel building all contained on a raised platform cantilevered over defunct railroad tracks adjacent to the river. Below is a zoomed in shot of the lower levels of one the towers which is used as a multi-level parking structure.


Petrea said...

That's a very nice shot of the Marina Tower.

I think it was in the Steve McQueen movie, "Bullit," where a car flies out of that parking lot and into the Chicago River.

Dina said...

When they built it I was afraid a car would roll out and have a long way to fall.

Ann said...

Great shot, wonderful geometry and terrific in b&w.